OUR GOAL: To provide experience, leadership and knowledge and earn our homeowners confidence and trust in building their dream home. We bid and contract with the best, most qualified local subcontractors and manage them with the “Wilde” way of building homes. The process begins with an orientation meeting, then lot assessment, architecture, engineering, and interior design, specifications, and finally, cost goals and completion time.

1. Orientation Meeting: As your selected builder, we are your partner in the building process for several years, beginning with architecture and interior design, costing, construction, and finally warranty. Our initial meeting is important in discussing your goals and explaining our management process; starting with financing, draws, change orders, schedule, selections, contracts and warranty. We discuss our building philosophy, selection of materials, energy efficiency and green building design. A preliminary bid and budget is completed within a few weeks of preliminary plan completion. We prepare a final budget for your home after evaluation of the architectural and engineering design, selections, allowances, exterior details and landscaping.

2. Lot assessment: Choice of inner city lots in Austin is very limited and may require Demolition, historical and protected tree evaluation, and analysis with McMansion ordinance and impervious cover requirements. In Rollingwood and Westlake, fire sprinkler systems, rainwater collection and drainage engineering will require builder participation. During this phase of design, we assist and price alternatives for your engineer and architect.. We are experienced in building on west Austin Tarrytown clay soils, or on difficult hill country sloped lots.

3. Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design and Specifications: We can recommend architectural, engineering, and interior design firms for your home building project, or work with your professional during and after the design process. We have built homes designed by many of the top residential professionals in the area and work together as a team to incorporate green building construction materials and design as well as detailed material and workmanship specifications.

4. Cost Goals and Completion Time: Our goal is to provide an exceptionally built custom home at a great value to our homebuyer within a reasonable timeline. Budget and allowance considerations are discussed in our orientation and preliminary costing meetings so that we arrive at the customer budget goals after final plans are approved. It is our desire to finalize selections and allowances before we break ground on the foundation so that we can stay on budget and construction timeline. We have a selection process using our preferred vendors with schedule guidelines. All of this costing, change orders, selection approvals and allowance budgeting is available to our homeowners and their interior designers on our home website. We also meet with our homeowners on a weekly basis to review schedule, selections and budget.